A cria (baby alpaca) enjoying the sunshine at Clifden Farm

Alpacas possess a unique combination of very special qualities that suit the serious breeder or the lifestyler. They are gentle inquisitive animals that produce fabulous fleece ideal for spinning, felting, weaving and knitting, and for sale to manufacturers. Alpacas are effective nutrient convertors and are extemely environmentally friendly with minimal impact on fragile ecosystems.

Clifden Farm is an exclusive breeder of black huacaya alpacas, producing top quality fleece through superior genetics and exceptional care. Our picturesque West Gippsland location in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges provides the ideal climate mix to produce outstanding animals. We are members of the Australian Alpaca Association (Victorian Eastern Region) and all our stunning black alpacas are listed on the International Alpaca Register.

Our animals produce fabulous fleece ideal for spinning, felting, weaving and knitting and for sale to manufacturers. We have our fleece expertly processed at Echo Beach Fibre Processing Mill in Sth Australia. Luxury yarn is available right here online from the Clifden Farm Shop.

The following links will provide further confirmation that alpacas really do fit the bill as the ideal choice for small scale farming. Alpacas are a pleasure to own and manage - and it can even be done by the first-time farmer!