Invitations to tender

Invitations to participate in a tender process by which Lindy Smith, trading as Clifden Alpacas (“Clifden Alpacas”), is offering certain alpacas for sale have been sent to potential purchasers. If you have not received an invitation and wish to submit a tender, please contact Clifden Alpacas for a tender pack.


These conditions set out the rules for the tender process. By submitting a tender you will be assumed to have agreed to comply with and to be bound by these conditions.


The invitation to submit a tender is not an offer to enter into a contract. Nothing in the invitation or any subsequent tender assessment or negotiation will create a binding contract between Clifden Alpacas and a tenderer. A legal relationship between Clifden Alpacas and a successful tenderer will only be created once Clifden Alpacas has delivered a written notice of acceptance of tender.



You agree that you have not relied on any information provided or statements made by or on behalf of Clifden Alpacas except as contained in the invitation to tender or provided subsequently, in writing. 


The price you offer in a submitted tender must include GST.

Tender details

In addition to the price you are offering, your tender must identify the alpaca package for which you are tendering and include:

  1. your full name
  2. any relevant trading name
  3. if applicable, your herd code
  4. your Property Identification Code
  5. full contact details, including email address and telephone numbers.


Lodgement of tender

To be considered as part of the tender process, your tender must be in writing and be received by Clifden Alpacas by email or by mail by 5 pm on Monday, 2 September 2019.

Clifden Alpacas will confirm receipt of your tender by email but, if your tender is not received for any reason, Clifden Alpacas will not be responsible for the consequences of that failure.


You agree that Clifden Alpacas:


  1. is not obliged to accept the highest priced or any tender
  2. may abandon this tender process at any time.


If Clifden Alpacas decides to accept your tender, it will notify you of that acceptance by email.  At that time, a contract for the sale of the relevant alpacas for the price tendered and incorporating these conditions will be created.




The successful tenderer must pay the tendered price to Clifden Alpacas within 7 days of the acceptance of their tender.  Payment must be made by electronic funds transfer to the account nominated by Clifden Alpacas in the notice of acceptance given to the successful tenderer.




Upon payment of the purchase price, property and risk passes to the purchaser.


Transportation arrangements for the purchased alpacas and the cost of that transportation will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Transfer of Registration

If the purchaser wishes to maintain registration of the purchased alpacas on the International Alpaca Register, Clifden Alpacas will submit the required transfer forms but all costs associated with transfer of registration will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Health/Pregnancy status

Alpacas described in the invitation to tender as being pregnant were scanned by Clifden Alpacas’ vet on 8 August and were confirmed to be pregnant at that time.  Clifden Alpacas does not accept any responsibility for any failure by a pregnant alpaca to deliver a live cria.  In particular, Clifden Alpacas will not be required to provide a remating of any relevant alpacas. Young, unmated stock are expected to be fertile but this is not guaranteed.

All alpacas offered for sale are believed to be in excellent health with all vaccinations up to date.  Intending purchasers are welcome to arrange for a veterinary examination, at their cost, prior to lodging their tender.

Full health records for purchased alpacas will be provided to successful tenderers.