The Clifden Belted Galloways herd originated from traditional and highly regarded bloodlines. Our foundation stock was carefully selected and has been bred on with commercially focused objectives. All of our cattle are full blood Belted Galloways with the pedigrees and well-recognised attributes to prove it!

We nurture contented healthy animals with quiet temperaments and outstanding carcase characteristics in terms of yield and eating quality. The Clifden Belties are born and raised on our Yarragon property, grass-fed as nature intended. There is a selection of forage available, allowing the cattle to choose individually what is required - a veritable salad bowl. The perfect combination - a rare heritage British cattle breed plus quality nutrition and clean water (and definitely no added hormones!) results in delicious beef. Our cattle are always grass-fed, and never ever fed grain.

The majority of our herd is A grade stock registered on the ABGA herd book. We do also run some exceptional commercial animals. These cattle are also full blood Belted Galloways, not bred up or crossed with other breeds. What you see is what you get - a true Belted Galloway animal with an unbroken pedigree showing only Galloway ancestry. 

Clifden Belted Galloways are not seen on the show circuit as we feel they are happiest at home in the paddocks but we believe they always perform as champions. We believe strongly in low stress handling and practise this at all times. The cattle are attended by a registered veterinarian, if and when required, even for 'routine' procedures such as castration, pregnancy testing and hoof care. We know each animal on the farm as an individual and see and interact with them on a daily basis. Our animals are our greatest advertisement for the breed. 

We welcome farm visits by appointment and offer exceptional after-sales follow up.

Belted Galloways are one of the most visually distinctive breeds of cattle. The characteristic white belt encircles the body and contrasts effectively with the black, red or dun coloured coat. It is commonly believed that the breed originated from crossing ancient Galloway cattle from south west Scotland with the Dutch belted dairy breed Lakenvelder.

As well as the unique markings, Belties possess many other distinctive and appealing characteristics:

  • Naturally polled
  • Hardy & long lived
  • Easy calvers
  • Strong maternal instincts
  • Gentle temperament and quiet demeanour
  • Double coat allows adaptation to climate extremes and variations
  • Winter insulation with double coat rather than a layer of back fat means meat is lean and succulent

Further information about the breed can be found on the Australian Belted Galloway Association website.

The Belted Galloway breed has been registered on the rare breeds list but herd numbers are once again on the increase and it is not hard to see why. Belties are easy to love and certainly hard to resist! 



In keeping with our strong belief in respect for the whole animal and admiration for the breed, we are proud to offer our fabulous Beltie hides for sale. 

The hides are expertly tanned and are perfect for floor rugs, throws or wall hangings. Skins and hides make timeless decorator items and are particularly in vogue at present. Our Beltie hides are spectacular with their distinctive markings and long luxurious coat. Please see details on our online shop or email directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.